Different Backgrounds. One Common Goal.

Pioneering novel therapies takes an open approach to innovation, creativity, and sense of urgency. Our teams unite deep expertise from industry and academia alike to deliver on our promise to bring new therapeutic solutions to patients.
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We Do Important Work and Have Fun Together

Our people bring diverse professional backgrounds and experience, but we have one thing in common: we enjoy the work we do, and we enjoy doing it together. Our core values include collaborating to be more than the sum of our parts and respecting one another to empower and include every team. We give our teams opportunities to socialize, learn from one another, and give back to our communities regularly.

We Work With Our Community to Give Back and Keep in Touch

Through our partnerships with organizations like MassBio, the Kendall Square Association, and Life Science Cares, our team works to stay connected to the Cambridge and Boston communities we’re grateful to call home. We believe in supporting the communities in which we operate and giving our team the opportunities for mentorship and growth.

We Collaborate Openly Across Disciplines and Teams Because Together We Are Stronger

Collaboration is at the core of what we do. Our team’s broad range of skills and perspectives mean that team members contribute to many programs by sharing their expertise and learnings throughout pipeline development. Being a small biotechnology company, Cullinan Therapeutics’ teams are nimble, allowing for quick and efficient decision-making. Our company culture empowers us to act decisively, with urgency and agility, to improve the lives of patients and their families.

We Respect All Opinions and
Welcome a Good Challenge

One of the things that drew me to Cullinan Therapeutics was the highly motivated, scientifically-minded, patient-centric team. We think about patients holistically. We work well together and support each other through every step.”

Kerry Whalen, Senior Director, Preclinical and Early Development

While growing our team, we have also built our culture, recognizing the critical need to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion, allowing us to take a multi-faceted scientific approach to overcome difficult diseases. We respect all opinions and welcome a good challenge."

Nadim Ahmed, President and CEO

Cullinan Therapeutics fosters an environment where you can speak up, share your opinion, and shape your own path through projects you’re interested in. There’s an atmosphere of scientific creativity."

Kavya Rakhra, Director, Preclinical Research and Development

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